Welcome Back, Kotter

So after more than almost a year and a half, I decided it was time to release my creativity and go back to blogging.  Not like I have much to say in a year and a half.  Not like that ever stopped me, before.  Some changes were made to WordPress in my absence, so please

Gratitude 11.20.11

1.  The video I posted of Dub on Facebook.  2. Sunday morning cartoons snuggled with Dub on the couch.  3. A cup of coffee for Sunday morning cartoons.  4. Pies on sale at the store for Thanksgiving.  5. Ronston convincing me not to kill myself making home made pies for Thanksgiving.

Gratitude – 11.15.11

1. Good chuckles with good friends. 2. Easy leftover dinners 3. How Dub, as much as he hates it, sits still when I suction his stuffy nose because he knows it will make him feel better. 4. Dub’s laugh when Chick get hit with confetti at the end of ‘Cars’. 5. Being able to realize

Gratitude – 11.14.11

1. When Ronston helps me with my most unfavorite chore, laundry. 2. The Pioneer Woman recipes to help make delicious dinners. 3. Dub’s grandparents and all they do for our family. 4. Best buddies that watch ‘Annie’ together.